Whether you’re a newbie to being photographed or a seasonal pro, I can help you reach your goals and take some amazing shots for your social media, website, brand partnerships or personal use. I can help you nail that perfect angle, select proper lighting and help with posing.

Read more about YOUR perfect photoshoot and get in touch at the bottom of this page!

What to Expect During a Photoshoot:

  • We will meet at an agreed-upon location and time.
  • Once on location, we can start shooting! I typically take 50-100 photos per look with a range of full-body, 3/4th, portraits, close-ups and candids to cover all the angles. And don’t worry – I can share all of the photos or select the best ones for you.
  • Once we’ve completed our first look – we can look for a cute coffee shop or use a pop-up tent for your outfit change and repeat the previous step!
  • I will wear a mask and can shoot you from 6-feet away for your peace of mind during COVID-19.

Suggested Shooting Locations:

Central Park
Financial District

+ I can meet you almost anywhere in the 5 boroughs 🚲. I can also recommend a location based on your outfit, campaign, and other shooting needs.


  • Simple Pricing Structure – I charge $200/hour for an on-location photoshoot. In an hour we can typically shoot 3-4 outfits or 1-2 special projects.
  • Half-Day and Full-Day Discounts are available.
  • Multiple session packages are available as well.


  • Pop-up tent is available for quicker on-site changes.
  • Optional camera gear to fit all photoshoot needs – reflector, microphone, flash, tripod, props.
  • Your preference between High-Res JPEGs or Raw files.
  • Post-processing available for photo and video editing (Lightroom, Photoshop, Premiere Pro).
  • I take Venmo and Paypal.

Get in Touch Below: